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We at FENCO continually look for better ways to design our pedestals to meet the industry's changing needs. We have had many requests from customers to incorporate the storage of CPU's with our undercounter steel. We have designed a number of new models, which can satisfy the needs of a teller's daily functions as well as house a CPU. Originally we had only one cabinet designed for the CPU, our CTP-2000. We are now adding several more, which can be seen below: 204-19-CPU, 205-19-CPU, 226-19-CPU, 227-19-CPU, P-15, P-17.

If the cabinets below do not meet your needs. Fenco is able to transform any cupboard compartment on a cabinet into a CPU conversion which includes cutouts on all sides of the cabinet for ventilation and wiring as well as a CPU pull-out shelf for easy access.



The modified 204-19 unit includes two locking box drawers locked with R-94 lock

One CPU pullout drawer (no lock) in lieu of door with vent slots on back and sides.

CPU room capacity is 16-3/8" W, 16-1/8" H and 17-1/4"D.

Use hettich slide 16" long to mount the CPU drawer to the unit.

Slide part No. 05632-016-02400


This modified 205-19-CPU includes two locking box drawers furnished w/ 94R lock (Hudson)

One CPU pull-out drawer in lieu of bottom cupboard door.

CPU room capacity is 16-3/8" W, 6-1/8" H and 17-1/4" D

One locking cupboard door.


6"sq. cut-out  at top

Adjustable shelf

Inside wall w/cut-out

Left side w/ 4" diameter hole


Model P-15
Model P-17

Revolving lid

Cupboard door lock with 3 bolt point w/keyed

L-handle No. C8747

Stock locks and national lock


10-1/16" x 15-3/16" x 3-1/2"

7 Sorter Slots


6 Coin Scoops
5 Cash Compartments
1 Storage Compartment


FENCO’S 200 & 600 LINE,
Prefab Teller Stations

200 LINE- FENCO’s #200 Series stand-up (381/2"h) pedestal line offers the versatility you require to design your teller line, back counter and work room. The four different pedestal widths in a variety of drawer/door configurations allow you to maximize the efficiency in your space planning. FENCO offers 16 standard colors to accommodate even the most adventurous interior designers. Custom colors are also available at a nominal upcharge. The pedestals that are shown below with locks feature FENCO’s standard interchangeable core deadbolt lock. As noted in our specifications listing, you may upgrade, as a costed option, to either a Best LockTM interchangeable core bolt or snaplock. FENCO’s pedestals are manufactured to ship in about a month, but they’re manufactured to last more than a decade. That’s an equation in time we’re quite proud of. So the next time you’re in need for undercounter, call FENCO, where the value is by design. It’s only a matter of time.

600 LINE- FENCO’s #600 Series low-boy (277/8"h) pedestal line is manufactured to the exact standard of FENCO’s #200 Series. The #600 Series 277/8" overall height
meets the A.D.A. requirements as set forth by the Federal Government.
Designed in three different widths in a variety of drawer/door configurations,
the #600 Series pedestal line can also be used as both service desk pedestals
or as sit-down pedestals in your operations room. As a costed option, the
#600 Series pedestal line is capable of accepting pedestal bases in any height
required to meet your design layout. Just let us know what height you’re most
comfortable with and we’ll design and produce it for you.


Interchangeable Unit Teller Stations

Everyone manufactures prefab teller stations, but only FENCO offers you the flexibility of interchangeable prefab teller stations with no modification charges accessed. Need a coin locker pedestal in place of a double-pan cupboard pedestal? No problem. Would you prefer a single-width return pedestal in place of a double-width return pedestal? What ever your design calls for, it is workable with this design. For costing simply deduct the cost of the model you’re deleting and add the cost of the replacement model, if any. Creativity by FENCO, satisfaction by the customer.



Undercounter & Forecounter Teller Equipment

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